Milwaukee's Triple Threat: Vocal Harmonica Guitar
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The studio where I have been working for the last year and a half , the Murray Hill Pottery Works has changed hands. Still called Murray Hill, I will be teaching beginner classes there on Thursday evenings starting at the end of January. Looking forward to going back into production there soon. The new ownership has been doing a great job of undating and renovating the studio, and it's close to opening up again after a couple months of being closed.
For information about classes or membership, contact Brian- or go to the website

My remaining pots after a successful holiday season are back at my retail outlet at 3d Point of View in the Walker's Point Antique Center, 1134 S.1 St. I also play with my tracks here the 1st Saturday of every month from about 12:00-2:00. 

Another of my avocations is buying and selling used vinyl records, and I have a display of about 200 records  at 3d Point Of View. Reasonable prices for all kinds of clean vinyl from Beatles to obscure jazz to Edison discs. Big variety, most for $5.00 or less...I also sell higher end stuff on ebay. My seller name  there is leroyairmaster...


Steve Cohen plays and teaches harmonica & guitar, and sings the blues in his own unmistakable style. He’s been performing and recording in the Milwaukee area since 1970. He is also a vinyl record dealer and booking agent . Steve is sponsored by Hohner Harmonica Inc. His work is featured on many Hal Leonard harmonica play along books.