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The studio where I have been working for the last year and a half , the Murray Hill Pottery Works has changed hands. Still called Murray Hill, I will be teaching beginner classes there on Thursday evenings starting at the end of January. Looking forward to going back into production there soon. The new ownership has been doing a great job of undating and renovating the studio, and it's close to opening up again after a couple months of being closed.
For information about classes or membership, contact Brian- or go to the website

My remaining pot,s after a successful holiday season, are back at my retail outlet at 3d Point of View in the Walker's Point Antique Center, 1134 S.1 St. I also play with my tracks here the 1st Saturday of every month from about 12:00-2:00.

Most of the work on display here has been sold. I hope to have new work in a month or so ...

Cohen Stoneware

I finished high school in Oak Park, IL in 1971-2 where I learned the basics of wheel throwing. In 1977, as an apprentice to Wisconsin based master potter Abe Cohn, and under the tutelage of ceramic artists Greg Miller and Dick Woppert, I learned much more about the techniques and aesthetics of making functional, one of a kind, art pottery. My apprenticeship ended in 1978, and I turned to music as my career.

In 2018, I started working in clay again, this time at Murray Hill Pottery Works in Milwaukee. I picked up where I left off, and now, over a year later, I am continuing to enjoy producing functional stoneware. Despite my 40 year hiatus, I feel that the work I’m now creating continues to move forward both artistically and technically.
I sometimes compare the differences between the processes involved in making music and making pottery. The way that I work, there is a spontaneity in creating music that is very different by nature than the more calculating, multi-step creative process of working in clay. Conversely, there are times when I’m throwing pots or applying glazes where I’m just jamming, much like spontaneously improvising music. The feeling in process can be similar, or very different.
For me, making functional pottery presents another opportunity to express myself creatively, but  I also want to bring something beautiful, functional, and affordable to the daily lives of the people who use and enjoy these objects.
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